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Cleaning Packages


Executive Domestic Cleaning & Housekeeping Service


The ultimate hassle-free and enhanced quality cleaning service.


We guarantee that only our most experienced and highly paid cleaners will be working in your home with faultless cleaning standards. Our premium service guarantees the following: 


  • minimum of 2yrs experienced cleaner

  • housekeeping services included such as ironing, bed changes, organising and general household management

  • dedicated same cleaner and clean day/time each week

  • guaranteed replacement cleaner should your cleaner be on holiday or sick to ensure you never miss a clean or your next clean is free

  • all products and equipment provided by your cleaner for a completely hassle free service 

  • monthly spot checks carried out to ensure our standards are maintained and a proactive feedback service

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Silver Domestic Cleaning Service

Cleaning Supplies

Our Silver cleaning package is our entry level cleaning option.


You will have an in-house trained, fully vetted cleaner in your home who meets our cleaning standards but without all the bells and whistles that our other services offer.


This service is ideal if budget is tight and you just need a little extra help around your home. 


Our Silver service includes the following: 


  • highly trained cleaner

  • same cleaner each week

  • your cleaner uses your own products and equipment and will leave you a note when items are running low

Please enquire for more details.

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Air B&B Servicing

Air B&B.jpg

As an Airbnb host, you know that 5-star reviews are crucial for the success of your business.


In addition to providing a comfortable and welcoming space for your guests, ensuring that your Airbnb is clean and well-maintained is a key factor in achieving those coveted 5-star reviews.

That’s where professional cleaning services come in.

So, if you’re looking for Airbnb cleaning services in Windsor, trust God Save The Clean to provide you with expert cleaners, flexible scheduling, affordable prices, personalised cleaning, and peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about our cleaning services and pricing options, and book our Airbnb cleaning services in Windsor today to enjoy a hassle-free hosting experience!

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Gold Domestic Cleaning Service

Scrubbing the Sink

Our Gold cleaning package is our most popular.


You will have the same cleaner and clean day / time (if required) each week who we guarantee has at least 1yrs experience in domestic cleaning. 


Our Gold service includes the following: 


  • experienced cleaner minimum 1yr

  • dedicated same cleaner and clean day/time each week

  • optional replacement cleaner if your regular cleaner is sick or on holiday (subject to availability)

  • cleaner will provide all products (or you can choose to use your own if you prefer)

  • proactive feedback service


This service is our most popular and slots fill up fast so please enquire for full details and availability.

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Commercial / Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaner

Looking for a regular cleaner for your commercial premises?


We have a dedicated team of cleaners available day times or out of hours so not to disturb your staff.


No premises are too big or small and we cater for most businesses.


Contact us now to discuss your requirements with a free no obligation on site visit & personalised quote.

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Green / Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Office Cleaner

You want to live in a place that's beautiful and comfortable. For just £2ph more than our Gold domestic cleaning rates, our green cleaning services are designed to achieve just that.


By using organic and environmentally friendly cleaning products, we can help make your world just as beautiful as your home whilst considering both the environment and your own health.
The products we use are:

  • Produced from natural, organic and sustainable raw materials

  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, bio-degradable

  • Free from petro-chemicals, bleach, ammonia or other toxic substances

  • Perfect for allergy sufferers, pregnant woman, and are pet safe

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